Personal and responsible service

Nýja Sendibílastöðin provides the very best service in transports. The drivers provide the very best service for the customers with any kind of transporting. Personal and responsible service is the goal of Nýja Sendibílastöðin – service to your advantage.

Offers, permanent drivers and set prices

The drivers of Nýja Sendibílastöðin can give customers offers for their service. All product distribution and delivery will have a set price. The driver will make an offer to all your transports, large and small ones.

Your driver

The driver of Nýja Sendibílastöðin offers their customers multiple services. The driver is your own representative at the station. This is especially convenient for various errands, for example when dealing with customs, warehouses and other transportation.

Only a phone call away

The employees of Nýja Sendibílastöðin can assist you with evaluation of your service, for example what size of a van you require for your transport.


We recommend that you stop by Nýja Sendibílastöðin in Knarravogur to buy fuel. This service has been offered for over 40 years and it’s safe to say that our clients have been very pleased with this service. Everyone is welcome to stop by. The fuel station is self service only and therefore you can get a two kronur discount per liter.

Heavy transporting

For heavy transporting, we offer experienced drivers with special equipment for the assignment. Our drivers are used to all kinds of transporting and it’s safe to say that they can move almost anything. Usually there are 4-6 in a group that handle heavy transports.

Piano transport

Do you need to move a piano? Our drivers are specialized in piano transporting and they have special equipment for the job. Usually it requires four men to transport a piano, depending on the size of the instrument and conditions.